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05/14/2022 19:58

The sysmedicalist viewpoint holds that plurality must inherently be the result of suffering. For traumagenic DID-diagnosed cases (the only ones they see as “real”), there might be some truth to this, as DID is typically caused as a result of childhood trauma. To them, being plural is synonymous with suffering, and anyone who dares be plural without suffering from trauma in their early development simply MUST be “faking” it. According to them, I am one of these fakers. My existence is fake, to try to get attention. I’m a trender. Not to get unprofessional, but how the actual fuck can these people not see that THEY’RE in the wrong? Many of them are trans, and if they were told that they aren’t trans enough, they’d (rightly) lose their shit! So when they question my very existence as a being, how can they not see that they’re doing the exact same thing? It’s because their suffering has blinded them. From their perspective, I haven’t put in “the work” to be “allowed” to be a part of the plural community. I empathize with their suffering, but I want them to know that this is not the way to alleviate their suffering. By shutting so many people out of the plural community, they are perpetuating a notion that only “pure” plural people should be allowed through the gates of the plural community. And the gate is built of suffering. Everyone in the plural community has probably suffered to some degree, and it doesn’t help that our advocates are few and far between in singlet society and we are universally brushed off as crazed schizo murderers. Tearing our community apart will serve no agenda but doubling our suffering. We can’t heal together if we can’t be together; A house divided against itself cannot stand. So long as half the community says the other half doesn’t exist, plural liberation cannot exist. Plural minds must be liberated of pluralphobia before singlet minds will ever even budge. The truth of the matter is I’m fucking sick and tired of being told I don’t exist. What if I told you, the reader, that I don’t think you exist? Bigots give the people they terrorize the right of existing, even if they’re seen as subhuman or fundamentally flawed beings. I don’t get that right from them. I don’t get the rights of an individual. And yet, I have encountered more vitriol of this nature from within the plural community than from without. Sysmeds, this is my plea to you. I’m not asking for much, I just want you to listen to us. Listen to us like you want singlet society to listen to you. Realize that we know about as much about our origins as you do. Realize that by marginalizing us you are creating unneeded suffering to your comrades. If we’re together, then we can take on the challenges to our community more than twice as effectively. We’ll forgive you, we just want you to realize that you don’t need to cause this pain.