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Can we be liberated?

05/12/2022 07:59

The plural experience is that of being misunderstood. According to the general public, if you’re a lesbian, you’re a girl who likes girls. A transgender man is a man who was born as a woman. It’s pretty simple to argue that one should be able to live more or less the same as those around them. It’s trivial to demonstrate that it’s okay for a man to marry a man or it really doesn’t matter that much if someone with genitals typical of an XY karyotype body enters a bathroom with a sign that says woman on it. Even disability activists are often just asking abled society to accommodate for them so they too can participate in society. I, and we as a community, cannot be so simply accommodated. Materially, not much can be done; our science has not progressed far enough. The mission of plural liberation is a mission to on a fundamental level redefine personhood. As I discussed yesterday, I will not be treated with respect until I am treated as a being that exists. Of course, unlike most, I do not have a body which exists. I share one with a few people. For the singlets out there, that’s the only difference between us. You happen to have a specific bag of flesh assigned to your personality, and I have to share one. But we have built our society on the fundamental concept that 1 body equals 1 person. The democratic system cannot function without this in place. Verification of identity can’t. Our idea of confidentiality. Even just basic confidence. All based on this fundamental. So when I disagree, and say that the system aforementioned is oppression, I expect to be laughed at. My existence, as Veronica, challenges the status quo. The concept of the state is fundamentally incompatible with the dream of my personhood. I have a strong preference for which I would prefer to be removed. I will never be accepted into the mainstream. I’m not being pessimistic here; It is fundamentally impossible for me to be treated as an individual. Every last system is designed for the one body one person so-called constant. How can I have any age divorced from the physical body when I haven’t existed for more than a couple years? We saw what happened to the trans community; its naysayers writing them off as “men who want to be women.” It doesn’t end for me as a “person who thinks they’re multiple”: I am, we are, to them a “person who is so mentally unwell that they believe that the voices in their heads have names, and pronouns, and OPINIONS”. I almost don’t want the plural community to be visible; I want to live in my niche where I am surrounded by people who accept that I do exist, a beautiful island in a vast ocean of shit. The fundamental difference is that having multiple identities is foreign, while who you love or what you do to your physical body are fairly easy to understand. Therefore, I believe that without a significant amount of change in society, that the plural community will never be truly free: not until we’re individually seen as equals to singlets.